Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Dream Studio

In June I moved my art supplies and books into my new 690 square foot studio. It is my place to create, to play and to teach. A week after I moved in I held my first SoulCollage class. The studio overlooks the back yard and I have a view of the trees and birds while I sit at my computer or create at my desk. I have a vision of creating a labyrinth outside the studio. I love spending time in this space and sharing it with others. I am able to offer not just SoulCollage but photography workshops now that I have the space to do so.

I have a large section of space dedicated to my library of books.


Gwen said...

Beautiful blog, and I love your studio! I always thought that we had a lot of books, but you clearly win!

This is easily the most beautiful studio I have ever seen! Sometime I am going to come and take one or two of your classes!

I also love your murals. The photos and quotes are great.

Now you have inspired me to keep up on my blog, too.

Joanne Huffman said...

Catherine, your studio looks absolutely beautiful (and, amazingly tidy compared to my space). I've taken the liberty of putting your blog on my blog's favorite blog list.

Barb said...

Great blog Catherine I love your studio-I would love to visit.
I will put my blog in the blog list also

Michele R. Unger said...

Catherine! Wowsers, woman, that is SOME studio you've got there. I am thrilled to see your new working space and to know that you will be happy, productive and beyond comfortable there. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Bear hugs,

Louie said...

I'm glad you've taken the first blog-step - it doesn't matter what you think others might think of it - it is another avenue of creativity for you, and a wonderfully freeing way to share.

Beautiful! And what a great studio space - love all the books and windows.

kecia deveney said...

gee, this is your studio!it's beautiful! omg, the space is incredible! i am so jealous. i want to work in there!

bee shay said...

Just look how far you've come in such a short time.....a determined and TALENTED little package you are. Your studio is amazing and I can't wait to come and visit and work with you there. You are an amazing woman and should be very proud of yourself and your work.

Shelly was right ....WOWSERS Woman!!!!

&rew said...

Congratulations, Catherine! Such a beautiful studio, and thank you for posting pictures.