Thursday, February 25, 2010

Magical Mystery School

I attended Jean Houston's East Coast Mystery School this past weekend at the Garrison Institute, a beautiful old building that was once a monastery.

I felt transported to another dimension. Maybe this is what attending Hogwarts for Adults feels like. I was introduced to amazing new ways to see myself and the world around me. Jean truly believes that a larger life is latent in every human spirit and her work is about waking up that latent possibility.

Jean posed the possibility that we are living in a cosmic hologram where everything is part of everything else.

This reminded me of how I am often amazed at how one thing appears in another seemingly disconnected part of the world, like this tree in a puddle which called to me while I was walking around the little town of Garrison. What magic connects the one to the other?

"We are creating a new visible world that requires a fresh approach to the invisible."
Thomas Moore


Gwen said...

this sounds so amazing, Catherine! I would love to sit ant talk to you about your experiences!

Also love the photo, of course!

Joanne Huffman said...

Beautiful photo. I think it reflects the intricacies and beauty of your approach to life and art.

Unknown said...

Catherine! Hurrah! I am so thrilled that you're on this heroine's journey. We all stand to benefit from the riches you're discovering. Can't wait to hear more! xoxo