Saturday, November 20, 2010

How my SoulCollage® Source card came into Being

In the SoulCollage® process the Source card is an attempt to describe that which is mysterious, holy, and without form. The Source card represents our connection to Oneness.  Or what some might call it the Divine or Spirit. This is what holds everything together.  As such it is hard to find an image that represents this mystery.

My card resulted while experimenting and playing (the best ways to learn) with my camera and a technique for photographing water droplets.  I knew immediately that this was my Source card.  Here I was playing with water droplets, a candle and a camera and it looked like I was photographing something in a different realm of space.  It spoke to me of mystery and connection at the same time.  I was in awe that water droplets could create this magic. And it felt so right that my Source card was created from one of my photographs.

I was honored that Seena Frost featured this card in the section on Transpersonal cards in her new book, SoulCollage Evolving because this card has such deep meaning to me.

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Joanne Huffman said...

It is a phenomenal photo; I can see why it was included in the book.