Sunday, August 25, 2013

Becoming the Change

I love what the creator of SoulCollage®, Seena Frost, has to say in this video about using the process of SoulCollage® to effect internal and external changes as we "Discover our Wisdom" and "Change our World".  The practice of SoulCollage® is a way to accept and understand ourselves, and our place in the world.  SoulCollage® is a process that invites us to discover and welcome all the parts of oneself, and to see the world in terms of "both/and" not "either/or".  In this way, we open up to creating balance in our world.

For more videos about different aspects of SoulCollage®, visit SoulCollage® on Vimeo.


Unknown said...

while the idea if being able to find out about oneself through the interpretation of symbols and images - if you don't know what a symbol could mean or suggest about yourself, you cant interpret it and thereby benefit from its wisdom.
How do you suggest a woman learns what a symbol means especially on deeper levels?

Catherine Anderson said...

Michelle, I have found that I first need to slow down, and then by using the SoulCollage® process of putting myself in the place of the object or symbol and speaking as if I were that object, I am able to more easily hear the messages it has for me. It does take practice, and I found it hard to do at the beginning. Hope this is helpful.