Monday, December 14, 2015

Enter mindfully ... Creativity in process

I believe in giving myself permission to create. And sometimes, I need to be reminded that when I enter my studio, I enter a different realm, one where anything is possible. The ideas come flying in from all directions and I need to choose one and follow it where it leads with my full attention.

I wanted to share this reminder to follow creativity where it leads and so I created these door hangers which are perfect to hang on the door to your creative corner. On the back of the door hanger is my guide to nurturing your creative practice - all the things that have worked for me over the years and which I know can turn your life into a more creative one.

Catherine's Guide to Nurturing Your Creative Practice.

Create a Sanctuary

Find a space in your home to convert into your creative Playing and Dreaming Sanctuary.

Make Time to Create

There is no perfect time to create. If you want to be creative, it is necessary to carve out time for this in your life. Learn to create in the middle of things.

Take Small Steps

Do one thing every day that makes you feel creative. Make a list of projects that inspire you.
Choose one. Begin.

Play and Practice

Give yourself permission to create without attachment to outcome. Let your inner critic take a rest.
Have patience with yourself. We learn through practice. Creativity is the process, not the product.

Open to Wonder and Joy

Opening to your creativity will change your life. See problems as creative exercises. Take risks.
Go on adventures. See the world with fresh eyes. There is beauty and wonder all around you.
Give thanks for your creative life.

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