Thursday, October 6, 2011

Image Mandalas

Recently I had to write a paper for my studies with Wisdom University for a workshop in which I participated called Moving Toward Wholeness.  The paper was on the work of Stan and Christina Grof and Holotrophic Breathwork.  At the end of Holotrophic Breathwork sessions participants are often asked to draw mandalas, as a way to ground the experience and express it in a non-verbal way.  According to Heita Copony in the book "Mystery of Mandalas"
“A spontaneously painted mandala might carry messages from the psyche into our conscious awareness, sometimes with a clarity that could never be produced by our ordinary consciousness.”   
Since writing this paper I have been looking for a way to create mandalas with my photographs.

This past weekend one of the talented photographers attending my photography retreat showed us the amazing mandalas she had created with her photographs. This led me on search of the internet to see if there was any easy software available to create mandalas.  I didn't find any, but I found a great tutorial which guided me in making this mandala out of an image of daisies in a glass jar. It took some time and the colors are brighter than those I usually work with (I just picked the first image that I saw on the screen to work with), but it feels like magic when you see the final result. 

I know I'll be making more mandalas.


Joanne Huffman said...

This is a beautiful mandala. I love the idea of using photos to make a mandala. I have a friend who has a kaleidiscope program that might work for making mandalas.

Jeanne said...

Catherine, I had to tell you that I bought your book and I absolutely LOVE it. Even mentioned it in my blog! What a wonderful book! Jeanne

Catherine Anderson said...

Jeanne, so glad you are enjoying my book. I know you already make lots of images, but hope the book inspires you to share your images with others in ways you hadn't thought of!

Anonymous said...

This is quite striking and I will have to sit down and look deeper into the guideline that you posted.
As a side note, I am signed up for your class in March for A&S....AND I just purchased your new book. It's spectacular. And I especially like the teaching aspect of it. I'm going to do some more photographs (I have tons already but you can never have too many) to 'practice' your techniques.
Looking forward to meeting you.

Joanne Wolfe said...

Catherine, the mandala is stunning! It makes me want to wear it on a T-shirt or a long. flowing robe of some sort. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Catherine Anderson said...

Thanks Jan and the Joannes! Making these mandalas can be addictive but also very meditative. Jan, I'm thrilled you are signed up for my class at Art and Soul in Virginia. I'm very excited about teaching at Art and Soul, and look forward to meeting you.