Saturday, September 3, 2011

Everyday Art Supplies

It is amazing how many art supplies you have lying around your house.  Recently I had to submit a page for a collaborative art journal with the theme of Black and White. I find the way I get inspiration for a new project is to gather up anything I find that speaks to the theme.  And this is how I discovered that I could collect plenty of black and white papers merely by collecting old security envelopes which would usually end up in the recycling box.  The insides of the envelopes are covered with many different, interesting black and white designs.  So black paper, a white pen and security envelopes allowed me to create my page for our collaborative journal.


Delighted Muse said...

Such a great idea! This is a beautiful piece!

Elle Mental said...

Hi Cathy! I ran across your blog after looking up Poladriods. You have been a busy girl! The blog and your website are lovely. Some day soon I hope that we can get together, it has been too long. Although I did see you with your mum at Good Will before we left on our trip to Costa Rica. If you want to check out my blog it is:
some of the more recent ones were about our trip, but if you go back a ways you will see some of the mailart things I have been doing. Hugs for now! Elle

Catherine Anderson said...

Elle, love the way your friend used security envelopes inside out! What a great idea. And the images on your blog look as though you just came back from paradise. Would love to have an art morning together sometime - maybe we could have a play date in my studio!