Tuesday, May 8, 2007

"Mothering Across Continents"

I was born in South Africa and have lived in the USA for ten years. I have been connected with an Aids community care program called Woza Moya Project for some time and in July 2005 went out into the rural community of Ixopo with the Community Care workers. While there I was able to take photographs of some of the children I met. Many of these children are Aids Orphans or have to care for sick parents and younger siblings.

Late last year I connected with a group of like minded women and we formed a group called "Mothering Across Continents".

The vision of this group is to inspire women in the US to help the thousands of young children affected by the Aids epidemic in South Africa.
The photographs show two of the 12 foot collages I made for a fundraising event in Charlotte in May. Photographs by Photo Lyrical.

"If everyone helps hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired".

Starting my blog

The idea to start this blog was given to me by my friend Minnie while at Artfest. And the courage to get it going was given to me by my friend Gwen, who I also met at Artfest. Just shows how Artfest can change your life! Thank you for the ideas and inspiration. I think the hardest part about starting a blog was wondering whether I had anything worthwhile to say. But I decided that perhaps if it was a record for me of events and special moments during the year that would be enough, and if somewhere along the line it inspired someone - well, that would be a gift.