Thursday, January 24, 2008

Eric Maisel's upcoming virtual book tour

I trained as a Creativity Coach with Eric Maisel. I love his books - "Fearless Creating", "Coaching the Artist Within", "The Creativity Book" - so when he asked for blog stops on his upcoming virtual book tour for his book "The Van Gogh Blues" I was more than happy to say "yes, please!" He will visit my blog and answer questions on the creative process and depression on the 23rd February, so this is just to let you know in advance. If you have any questions you would like me to put to Eric please feel free to let me know.

If you are interested in hearing more about his take on the creative process visit the Joy of Living Creatively and listen to his podcasts.

Magical Messenger

This beautiful Barred Owl lived in our chimney for about a week. I thought I heard noises in the chimney but wasn't sure if I was imagining things. My husband was away so I wasn't brave enough to stick my head up the chimney. On his return I asked him to check and he saw these two big eyes looking back at him. We called the Carolina Raptor Center and they came and rescued him. He was in great condition considering how long he had been there.

I've been wondering what message he was bringing me?

A New Year, a New Magazine!

My new year has started in an exciting way with the publication of Stampington's new magazine "Life Images". I am really thrilled to have five of my images published in this magazine as well as a number of photographs from the Photo Art Journals yahoo group's book "Shades of Black".

The magazine will be coming out four times a year, so I need to get my camera out an take more photographs! I will have a wonderful opportunity to do this in March and April as I will be traveling to South Africa to visit three organizations that care for Aids orphans.