Thursday, October 14, 2010

10.10.10: Another Gift on the Path

There are some days that don't happen very often, in fact they only happen once in a lifetime.  10:00am on the 10th day of the 10th month in the year 2010 was one of those.  It seemed to be a day and a time that should be recognized in some way and so I decided to walk my labyrinth, starting my walk at 10 minutes to 10 and spending some time in the center of the labyrinth so that I walked out at 10 past 10.

I always know that I have made the right decision when there is a gift waiting for me on the labyrinth path.  This time it was a small white feather.  To me it was a symbol of softness and purity as well as peace and I was grateful to find it there.  It makes me aware that my labyrinth responds to me as I interact with it.

Later that day a participant in one of my workshops found a cocoon on the labyrinth.  The cocoon was empty, the creator-insect having flown free.   A cocoon is a symbol of transformation and rebirth.  Change sometimes involves effort but it is how we grow and evolve, and is a necessary part of our journey.

This reminded me of a poem by Mary Oliver called "Black Swallowtail":

The caterpillar,
    interesting but not exactly lovely,
humped along among the parsley leaves
    eating, always eating.  Then
one night it was gone and in its place
    a small green confinement hung by two silk threads
on a parsley stem.  I think it took nothing with it
    except faith, and patience.  And then one morning

it expressed itself into the most beautiful being.

I wonder what life would look like if we lived it with faith and patience?

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Joanne Huffman said...

The joy your labyrinth gives you shines through.