Friday, January 27, 2012

Wisdom is of the Soul

I've been preparing additional samples for the Photo Transformations class I am teaching at Art and Soul in early March,and just love the message this owl had for me.  This is a Great Horned Owl that lives at the Carolina Raptor Center.

I often look through the words in old books to add text to my art and today these words jumped out at me "Wisdom is of the soul".  This was after I decided to name this regal looking owl "Wisdom" - it seemed like the right name for him.  Then I wondered why he looked so stern and the words "Listen! Nature speaks" came together.  It seems he wanted to make sure I was listening to the signs of the natural world.

Yes, I am ...


kareninkenai said...

That is beautiful, Catherine... I see that you are using the sewing machine, what is the base for your medium? I have been doing printing on canvas and/or using acrylic modeling paste on canvas, also, as the substrate. Wish I weren't the whole U.S. away from you. LOL - Hugs from Alaska. Karen

Joanne Huffman said...

Striking! I am so looking forward to this class.

Anonymous said...

As am I. Since I signed up and bought your book, the world around me is now being seen with "new" eyes.

a片 said...