Friday, January 16, 2009


The internet allows us to share and connect with people we might never otherwise have met. For a couple of years Louie Shellenberger has been participating in the Photo Art Journals group that I host. Her photographs are always amazing and she has been the one who keeps the list of journals we have done updated and photos of the journals posted. I always forget to do this, so I'm really grateful for the help. Recently she told me she was flying from Whitbey Island in Washington State via Charlotte to visit her parents in Akron, Ohio for their 70th Wedding Anniversary - yes, 70th!! Well, I couldn't let Louie pass through Charlotte without meeting her, so on Thursday morning I left home early before the morning traffic so we could have an hour or so together before Louie's connecting flight. It was so wonderful to meet her at last (and her son Cory)!

For the last two years Louie has been taking a photo a day and posting them to her blog! I tried this once and couldn't even do it for a month, so I am in awe of this feat.

I am so grateful for the wonderful art community that I have found on the internet!

I gather inspiration from many people I have never met, such as this photo-a-day for a month project.


Louie said...

I can't believe I missed this post! I could have sworn I checked your blog more often, but apparently I haven't looked since January! Thanks so much for the wonderful words! Every so often our meeting flashes into my head - it was so nice to meet you! Love, Louie

me again said...

Oh my gosh ... here I have been thinking all along that the Louie in our group was a guy! (blush, blush)

And I should know better ... after all, everyone thinks "Lennie" (me) is a guy too!

Sorry Louie!

Bookends Theme said...

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